hi friends! my name is moody(they/them) :)

im a queer software engineer and web infrastructure enthusiast from NYC, just doing my thing:

building CI/CD pipelines until i die

hackNY '22

cuny hunter | daedalus honors cohort '24

stuyvesant highschool '20

some of my stuff

a summary of all my professional experiences and skills
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im feelin' lucky
all the colors are wcag aa compliant! i wrote this cool script to automatically audit all the colors for contrast acessibility too.
try your luck again!
public pgp key
use this pgp key to contact me should the need arise
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moody's head hurts: blog
My blog! It's mostly a stream consciousness about boxing, destiny 2, programming, and whatever asinine thing pops into my head.
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sv8: a chip8 emulator
computer science capstone project. me and two teammates built an emulator for the Chip-8, a fully online interface for the emulator, a debugger, and an IDE. The debugger consists of a UI that displays the currently executing ROM, the CPU register states, and the ability to adjust CPU speed in real-time. The IDE features an assembler that compiles source code directly into the web emulator, and additional tooling to aid in development. The frontend was implemented in Svelte, with the emulator implemented in AssemblyScript that compiled to WebAssembly.
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one thousand voices
1kv is a still under development showcase of all my destiny 2 clips, complete with descriptions of why something was clip-worthy. build with sveletekit, it queries into my CMS (https://strapi.moodyrahman.com/) at compile time and generates all the HTML then (SSG). the ultimate goal for this project is to design a pipeline such that I can upload a clip, and it'll automatically compress the video, generate a thumbnail for it, and create its corresponding entry in the CMS. Thinking about porting it over to use youtube instead of hosting the clips here because YT is so much better at handling videos than me.
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hosted files
my file server! it's a convenient way to share files and host resources for the public. everything here corresponds to a folder in my server, and nginx will automatically index into that folder. also features a few private folders that are behind a username and password.
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hackNY is a fellowship i was a part of in 2022. as an alumni of hackNY, I'm also currently the Speaker Series Director for the 2023 fellowship. behind this link are a few resources about my application to hackNY and how I feel about them.
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A simple interval timer for boxing, features an alarm to warn when a round is almost over, and then an alarm for the round being over. Also a Progressive Web App that I implemented in Sveltekit. Primarily meant to be viewed on mobile.
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🪒 Is Searching the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is a self referential acronym, much like PHP. it's a fun project me and some classmates made during highschool that visualizes several different integer sequences that have three common elements
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a color palette tester
i have a very particular sense of aesthetic that's very evident by the design of my site. this is a little utility that helps me rapidly try new colors without needing to write css. it also encodes a given palette into the URL, creating a hard URL for any and every palette.
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nginx autoindex xslt
autoindexed directories are pretty ugly, as anyone who's ever browsed a package repo is painfully aware of. one of the more well documented ways of styling an nginx generated autoindexed directory is via XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations). here is the xslt code I wrote to handle my file server.
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with any luck, no one other than me should be able to access this particular resource. jenkins is only acessible by being in a VPN with the server, which I've accomplished with TailScale.
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with any luck, no one other than me should be able to access this particular resource. bitwarden is only acessible by being in a VPN with the server, which I've accomplished with TailScale.
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docker monitoring
a cool looking page that shows all my current docker containers and their states.
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babylon lost
my final paper for my science fiction writing class when i was a senior in high school.
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my oldest and proudest project. the love child between me and my pandemic d&d group, it's a clean and elegant multi-character inventory manager with a dice roll tracker
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hex calculator
nothing crazy, just a simple little hex calculator app meant for desktops. an assignment from when I took webdev.
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